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Do thigh lifts and abdominoplasty work together?

Thigh Lifts and Abdominoplasty

Your stomach sags, but your thighs are fabulous following pregnancy or bariatric surgery. What's wrong with this picture? If you have a thigh lift, you may need abdominoplasty too. An inner thigh lift won't work if your stomach is flabby with deep fat deposits following surgery or pregnancy.

Thigh Lift Tip: As with all lower body procedures, just make sure you have finished losing weight and having children. With your thighs and abdomen, you need a long lean line or at least good proportions--your doctor will tell you what the best proportions are for your body type.

If you have a tendency toward curves, you may not want to sacrifice those, but you might want to eliminate goosh between your thighs. Also, rounded buttocks usually work better with a flat stomach and sculpted thighs, so you'll usually get a butt lift with a thigh lift. Typically, feminine rounded hips are more appealing on women, so your surgeon won't cause your hips to disappear. But your saggy skin will vanish. Don't count on computer modeling to show you the ideal body. Your age, medical history, and genetics will help determine the final result. You need to be happy with the picture you see after you leave the hospital post-thigh lift surgery.

Can I get rid of thigh problems through diet and exercise?

Thigh Lift Through Leg Lifts

You've heard it before. "If you wanted thinner thighs, you'd exercise more." "Jennifer eats just soy protein and she has gorgeous sexy thighs. Why don't you do what she does?" Actually, Jennifer may be in trouble if she eats only soy protein. In addition, inner deep fat deposits in the stomach, thighs and buttocks may be stubborn. When you've done leg lifts every day for the last several weeks and can't lose weight or tighten the skin, consider thigh lift surgery. Most people forget that a thigh lift helps tauten loose skin, which even thin people can have. In fact, if Jennifer doesn't have a more well-rounded diet, her thighs could start to sag, especially if she eats soy protein loaded with sugar and preservatives.

If you're severely overweight, you're probably not a good candidate for outer and inner thigh lift surgery either because the fat tends to be congealed. Liposuction, gastric bypass surgery or a severe diet and exercise program are your first alternatives. If the fat just hangs around the thighs and exercise won't make your legs lean and sexy, choose liposuction rather tham thigh lift surgery. Also, if you or Jennifer have varicose veins or diabetes (and Jennifer could!), diet and exercise may be a better alternative. When you're considering thigh lift surgery, know your own body, and don't listen to well-intentioned advice...even if it's from your surgeon. Listen to your inner voice when getting an inner thigh lift.

Can creams help me recover after a thigh lift?

Thigh Lift Creams

"Guaranteed to lift your thighs without surgery." If you've seen thigh lift and cellulite creams on television, you're skeptical. They may or may not work. However, after that medial thigh lift, you're in need of healing. Though pain and scars are usually minimal, you can reportedly help yourself heal through natural means. Some homeopaths' and doctors' hints to heal you faster and minimize bruising:

  • Take arnica montana, a supplement that reduces bruising and swelling--don't eat or drink just before or after ingesting the pill. You can also apply arnica in a topical cream.
  • Bromelain (extracted from the pineapple stem) with quercetin (found in onions and apples) also reduces swelling. Take two capsules three times a day a three days before outer and inner thigh lift surgery and continue until a week to ten days after thigh lift surgery. If you have an upset stomach, delay taking Bromelain, but don't take it with meals.
  • For best results, physicians usually recommend an arnica and bromelain regime following your medial thigh lift.
  • Several natural supplements such as ephedra and bilberry can inhibit your healing, especially when you're taking arnica and bromelain, so surgeons recommend discontinuing them before thigh lift surgery and during your recovery.
  • Compression garments can look like workout gear, and all physicians recommend you wear them following your thigh lift.
  • Use ice--it's the most basic anti-pain anti-swelling remedy. So be skeptical of As Seen On TV claims, but follow the advice of your doctor.

I've heard I have to drain my thighs after a thigh lift, is it true?

Thigh Lift Tubes

You never thought that after a thigh lift you'd have tubes everywhere. You feel as though you're in the ICU. Where are the cute ER doctors? They're probably checking the drainage tubes in your thigh. Drainage tubes after a medial thigh lift, outer thigh lift, and back and front thigh lift surgery help remove any fluid that accumulates--especially if you have liposuction in conjunction with a thigh lift. You'll probably walk while those tubes are sticking out of you.

Now you wish for the cute doctors even more, although that nurse has a sweet smile and encourages you to walk to restore circulation. Your cute ER doctor that shows up--finally!-- will remove the tubes after several days. Of course, you're wearing hospital clothes and a compression garment, but hey, your thighs are newly slim and you feel confident. But you're disappointed that you can't join your doctor on the golf course. No physical strain allowed, even after your tubes are removed! And you still have to wear the compression garment. Still, looking great and feeling great is worth it--and better than medical shows with commercial breaks.

Are thigh lifts usually done with liposuction?

Thigh Lifts and Liposuction

You're afraid of liposuction. Don't fear the reaper, er, doctor. Liposuction can get rid of the excess fat on your outer and medial thighs. The medial thigh lift is, simply, the inner thigh lift, one of the most popular procedures in the US, since thigh lift surgery can help contour and sculpt your hips in addition to your thighs. Why should you have liposuction and thigh lift surgery? While liposuction removes the fat, an inner thigh lift tautens the skin so you don't have turkey wobbly folds on your thighs.

That said, liposuction works best if you have reasonably taut skin, since liposuction can loosen already droopy skin. Combine a surgical thigh lift with liposuction. This may extend your recovery period, and you'll require a hospital stay. Scarring and incisions are usually minimal, but some people have greater risk of scarring, especially women. Scarring is more extensive if you have no fat deposits, so non-surgical thigh lifts such as mesotherapy are good choices rather than liposuction and an inner thigh lift. Don't fear liposuction. With a skilled surgeon, you'll have the thigh makeover you've always wanted.

Should I choose an inner thigh lift to eliminate cellulite?

Inner Thigh Lifts and Cellulite

Do you want to have beautiful inner thighs? Sure, Sally Struthers, we all do, and feed the children at the same time. Actually, feeding the children will make us feel better about ourselves--although how about heading down to the soup kitchens in your own community rather than writing a check? Then you can have a thigh lift.

After all, you're involved with your community and you deserve beautiful thighs. You wonder if a thigh lift would trim the cellulite from your thighs. You hate the gooshing more than being socially irresponsible (well, almost.) While some surgeons recommend mesotherapy to get rid of superficial cellulite as opposed to the deep fat in liposuction, an inner thigh lift can excise cellulite and flabby skin (all that rushing around feeding the hungry made you lose weight.) You might want to opt for mesotherapy if:

  • You have excess cellulite but not fat
  • You don't have excess loose skin
  • You can't afford a hospital stay
  • You can't take a full week off work You are a good candidate for an inner thigh lift if:
  • You want to get rid of cellulite, fat and excess skin (up to 5-10 inches)
  • You can afford to take time from work (and communtiy service) and stay in a hospital
  • You can tolerate general anesthesia

So whether you choose an inner thigh lift or mesotherapy, you'll feel good about your soul and your thighs. Do you want to feel better about yourself? Sure, we all do!

What can I do to improve my thighs if I can't get a thigh lift?

When You Can't Get a Thigh Lift

You joke that the only way you can afford a thigh lift is if you hire toddlers to pull back your flab. If your finances are tighter than your skin, you can take several non-surgical steps. Some of our hints: * Invest in a bun and thigh sculpting workout such as Pilates or the Body Dome.

  • Try mesotherapy if you can--it's less expensive.
  • Run--it's great for your heart and you can lose inches off your thighs gradually.

Instead of having those toddlers torture you, exercise with them--you'll get a lift greater than the medial thigh lift you hoped for.

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