Thigh Lift Tubes

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I've heard I have to drain my thighs after a thigh lift, is it true?

Thigh Lift Tubes

You never thought that after a thigh lift you'd have tubes everywhere. You feel as though you're in the ICU. Where are the cute ER doctors? They're probably checking the drainage tubes in your thigh. Drainage tubes after a medial thigh lift, outer thigh lift, and back and front thigh lift surgery help remove any fluid that accumulates--especially if you have liposuction in conjunction with a thigh lift. You'll probably walk while those tubes are sticking out of you.

Now you wish for the cute doctors even more, although that nurse has a sweet smile and encourages you to walk to restore circulation. Your cute ER doctor that shows up--finally!-- will remove the tubes after several days. Of course, you're wearing hospital clothes and a compression garment, but hey, your thighs are newly slim and you feel confident. But you're disappointed that you can't join your doctor on the golf course. No physical strain allowed, even after your tubes are removed! And you still have to wear the compression garment. Still, looking great and feeling great is worth it--and better than medical shows with commercial breaks.



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