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What happens if I need reconstructive surgery after an accident?

Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery

You never thought you'd be caught in a fire, or have scarring from a car accident. While you recover, you consider your options to rebuild your life. One of the bright sides of trauma or injury, other than that you're alive of course, is that no one can question your decision to have cosmetic plastic surgery. If you have burns, you'll probably have skin graft plastic surgery. If your nose is broken, rhinoplasty is essential both for your appearance and, more importantly, your breathing. If you have scarring, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion are ideal.

Many times the reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery will be done in the hospital where you're recovering. Sometimes surgeons will perform cosmetic surgery on an outpatient basis. It depends on the injury and on the surgeon. If you're considering an outpatient cosmetic surgery center, ask to see before and after pictures of reconstructive body and facial plastic surgery.

Listen to your primary attending physician, and follow the recommendations. Your body has been through trauma--give yourself a chance to recover emotionally and physically. On the other hand, if reconstructive plastic surgery will speed your emotional and physical wellness, go for it. Be sure not to make major decisions about your appearance if you haven't dealt with the emotional fallout from the accident. Also, make sure your insurance covers reconstructive surgery before your proceed--some insurance providers don't pay for plastic surgery under any circumstances. Many surgeons offer alternate financing. You had an accident or a tragedy. Take care of yourself--you fully deserve it.

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