Thigh Lifts and Abdominoplasty

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Do thigh lifts and abdominoplasty work together?

Thigh Lifts and Abdominoplasty

Your stomach sags, but your thighs are fabulous following pregnancy or bariatric surgery. What's wrong with this picture? If you have a thigh lift, you may need abdominoplasty too. An inner thigh lift won't work if your stomach is flabby with deep fat deposits following surgery or pregnancy.

Thigh Lift Tip: As with all lower body procedures, just make sure you have finished losing weight and having children. With your thighs and abdomen, you need a long lean line or at least good proportions--your doctor will tell you what the best proportions are for your body type.

If you have a tendency toward curves, you may not want to sacrifice those, but you might want to eliminate goosh between your thighs. Also, rounded buttocks usually work better with a flat stomach and sculpted thighs, so you'll usually get a butt lift with a thigh lift. Typically, feminine rounded hips are more appealing on women, so your surgeon won't cause your hips to disappear. But your saggy skin will vanish. Don't count on computer modeling to show you the ideal body. Your age, medical history, and genetics will help determine the final result. You need to be happy with the picture you see after you leave the hospital post-thigh lift surgery.



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