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Is there a credit line just for cosmetic surgery?


You have perfect credit that fake e-mails from eBay can't destroy--you're not even on eBay. You receive six credit card applications a day in the mail. Now you're considering having a full body lift and full body sculpting. How do you pay for it? You've already tapped all your credit for essential expenses. MediCredit may be one answer for you. Whether you want Lasik or liposuction, MediCredit provides plastic surgery financing. Most plastic surgeons refer you to MediCredit financing for cosmetic surgery. most procedures are covered, although we noted butt augmentation is not. Neither is female enhancement (what gives?) Here are some of the facts about MediCredit:

  • 9.9%- 23.9% interest rates depending on your credit health
  • No penalties for paying off the balance before the term of the loan
  • Plastic surgeon you choose must be enrolled with MediCredit, much like insurance
  • Average monthly payment: $58 a month per $1000 borrowed for a 2 year term, $46.5 a month per $1000 borrowed for a 3 year term.

MediCredit says they will accept patients for cosmetic surgery financing with poor credit history. However, it helps if your credit is healthy and if you're gainfully employed--which you are, right? As you with with any credit offer, investigate MediCredit before you choose a surgeon.

Although choosing a surgeon is often the first step in plastic surgery, securing plastic surgery financing will increase your choices. After all, you've always been financially responsible. Even though you've decided to splurge on yourself, you don't want to change your reliable ways.

How do I save money for cosmetic surgery?

Saving for Cosmetic Surgery

You want your tummy to shrink, not your wallet. How can you be lean and mean without your bank account dwindling? Some tips to cut the fat out of your spending so you can have increased financing for cosmetic surgery:

  • Those lattes actually add to your tummy. Say no to Starbucks. If you must have a fix, opt for the Tall blend of the day or a shot of espresso.
  • Do a home manicure and pedicure. We like Homedics' appliances.
  • Eat out less. Cooking your food allows you to control what's inside, and it can be therapeutic--there are plenty of "minute meals" guides out there.
  • Stop buying clothes till you get that surgery, then donate your pre-surgery clothes to a thrift shop.
  • Use your cell phone less--especially when driving!

When the day arrives for that thigh lift, facelift or breast augmentation, you'll have the plastic surgery financing in place. An added bonus: Your budget will have a makeover too! You'll look better and be more financially well-rounded, so you'll be able to enjoy your new look!

What types of cosmetic surgery will insurance cover?

Insurance For Tummy Tucks?

There are several universal truths. The world is round, babies are cute, and insurance companies don't fund getting your round taut body back after you have that cute baby. Not so fast. Insurance companies can and do offer financing for cosmetic surgery under some circumstances, such as:

  • Brazilian butt lifts after weight loss bariatric surgery
  • Jaw surgery for structural reasons
  • Corrective surgery where there's a medical need, e.g. after trauma or illness
  • Upper eyelid surgery if you have visual defects
  • Male breast reduction for medical reasons
  • Nose surgery to correct breathing problems
  • Breast reduction if breasts interfere with normal daily living--yours might need reduction after nursing and all that pregnancy weight gain!

Ask your insurance provider or study your policy while you're taking a break from cuddling that cute baby, who your world now revolves around.

Why won't my doctor accept financing fromcosmetic financing services?

When Your Doctor Won't Be Your Banker

Your doctor flat-out refuses to accept MediCredit or any of the other plastic surgery financing companies that can help you not be falt in the chest, and be flatter in the rear. Why? The answer may lie in the ongoing insurance and health care bureaucracy. Some doctors refuse to accept insurance simply because insurance companies dictate how many patients they can see, what precedures they can perform, and so on. Similarly, plastic surgery financing agencies can dictate what procedures they will or won't pay for.

In addition, financing for cosmetic surgery costs the physician as well as the patient. It's called the "doctor's discount," according to Financing Plastic Surgery's FAQ:, and it can cost independent physicians who may be choosy about how many patients they see. Not all plastic surgeons live in Malibu mansions. Your physician may offer her own cosmetic surgery financing options, or recommend that you consult your bank. After all, you don't want to be restricted by cosmetic surgery financing loan terms. Your physician doesn't either. So don't let that flat-out "no" flatten your spirits. Plastic surgery takes confidence--trust your doctor and trust yourself.

What cosmetic surgery financing scams should I beware of?

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Scams

Bad credit? Want a boob job? We will erase your credit! And sell you a Nigerian fortune at the same time. Credit repair scams are like lunchtime plastic surgery--everywhere. Credit card scams make you want to stay away from the surgeon's office. When shopping for cosmetic surgery financing, you need to be savvy. A company offering financing for cosmetic surgery could be a scam if:

  • They automatically approve or pre-approve you without an actual human reviewing your record and application
  • They ask for your Social Security number upfront--never, ever give out your Social Security number online
  • They refuse to disclose the APR or annual percentage rate
  • They charge the surgeon fees and refuse to let you choose your plastic surgeon
  • They promise you can get financing for cosmetic surgery even if you have the worst credit history in the world

No one can erase your credit, or erase the problems of getting cosmetic surgery while creditors are calling your home day and night (although there are anti-harassment laws for debt collecting.) You can be smart when shopping for plastic surgery financing...and do a little plastic surgery on those spam e-mails in your inbox.

Should I get financing from my plastic surgeon?

Paging Dr. Finance

Your plastic surgeon wears many hats: counselor, cosmetic genius, and now loan officer. Many plastic surgery center Web sites offer payment plans and loans. While this may seem like one-stop shopping, both you and the surgeon need to be cautious with financing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery financing typically is unsecured by collateral, so your surgeon stands to lose more if you default. Not that you plan to default, but life often takes unexpected turns.

Also, what happens if you need additional or corrective procedures? Ask your plastic surgeon if you pay upfront, or if you can pay in installments. Be prepared to negotiate when financing plastic surgery. You can pay for part of the surgery with your credit card and borrow the rest of the financing for cosmetic surgery. A good rapport with your plastic surgeon helps.

Don't be afraid to ask about cosmetic surgery financing options in the beginning. Also, you and your surgeon may want to prioritize: if you neeed a tummy tuck, you may want to postpone liposuction. After all, if your surgeon's not busy worrying about repayment, she's free to concentrate on what you came to her for in the first place.

How can I improve my chances of getting cosmetic surgery financing?

Cosmetic Surgery Loan Tips

You refinanced your house. Or you got a home equity line of credit. You got financing advice to help you make that decision. But lenders clam up when you ask about financing for cosmetic surgery. Despite "Extreme Makeover," most people think of cosmetic surgery as frivolous--maybe even because of "Extreme Makeover." Lenders are reluctant to offer plastic surgery financing, possibly because they fear you'll leave them dry while your breasts are lifted high.

You can reassure a plastic surgery financing company or your bank by furnishing copies of your credit report--which you check regularly, right? Also, if your surgery costs $5,000 and you ask for just $1,000, you're more likely to be approved. Banks like to know that you're financially solvent and not dependent on them for financing. You can improve your chances of financing plastic surgery if you prove that you are:

  • A credit card carrier for at least two years
  • Free of liens, bankruptcies, judgments, and late payments
  • Gainfully employed, or if self-employed, with a stable business (be prepared to provide references)
  • A homeowner
  • A permanent US citizen, or a permanent citizen of the country where you live
  • Free of unsecured debt
  • A stable financially responsible person with an "A" credit score

When lenders compete, you win, so says When lenders talk to you about financing for cosmetic surgery, you win big-time.

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