Inner Thigh Lifts and Cellulite

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Should I choose an inner thigh lift to eliminate cellulite?

Inner Thigh Lifts and Cellulite

Do you want to have beautiful inner thighs? Sure, Sally Struthers, we all do, and feed the children at the same time. Actually, feeding the children will make us feel better about ourselves--although how about heading down to the soup kitchens in your own community rather than writing a check? Then you can have a thigh lift.

After all, you're involved with your community and you deserve beautiful thighs. You wonder if a thigh lift would trim the cellulite from your thighs. You hate the gooshing more than being socially irresponsible (well, almost.) While some surgeons recommend mesotherapy to get rid of superficial cellulite as opposed to the deep fat in liposuction, an inner thigh lift can excise cellulite and flabby skin (all that rushing around feeding the hungry made you lose weight.) You might want to opt for mesotherapy if:

  • You have excess cellulite but not fat
  • You don't have excess loose skin
  • You can't afford a hospital stay
  • You can't take a full week off work You are a good candidate for an inner thigh lift if:
  • You want to get rid of cellulite, fat and excess skin (up to 5-10 inches)
  • You can afford to take time from work (and communtiy service) and stay in a hospital
  • You can tolerate general anesthesia

So whether you choose an inner thigh lift or mesotherapy, you'll feel good about your soul and your thighs. Do you want to feel better about yourself? Sure, we all do!



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