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Will chin implants improve the shape of my face?

Chin Implants and Reshaping

Many of us, Jay Leno aside, are happy with our chins. For those of us who feel we have no chins at all, especially if we've lost too many after a weight loss program, chin surgery or mentoplasty may help us. After all, the chin can be helpful when you're folding blankets or putting on party hats. A well-defined chin usually helps make a face attractive. Alternately, we might feel our chins are too large. Again, this excludes Jay Leno, who's made a career out of joking about his protruding jawbone. He reported in his autobiography LEADING WITH MY CHIN that he refused to have surgery to move his chin back. You may want to take a cue from Jay.

Before you investigate chin implant surgery and chin implant prices as well as chin augmentation and reduction, consider jaw or maxillofacial surgery. Your chin dissatsifaction may be the result of an occlusion. In maxillofacial surgery, a dentist will move your jaw back or forward to line up your teeth, often in conjunction with braces. Or you may have jaw surgery in conjunction with chin implants and cheek (malar) implants.

A neck lift to eliminate excess skin on the neck may also redefine your chin without chin augmentation. Chin implants can fill out your face in conjunction with other procedures, and typically your surgeon recommends rhinoplasty to get the correct facial proportions. Ask your surgeon which chin augmentation procedures are right for you. See, there is an upside to not being famous for your jaw: you can change it at any time!

How much do chin injections cost?

Chin Injections

You wish you didn't feel as though you were taking steroids when you have chin implants by injection. The difference is, chin implant surgery by injection is public and won't cost you a career. But what will chin augmentation injections cost? Prices vary, but for injections such as bovine collagen or hyaluronic acid, you can expect to pay $400-$500. These are "skin fillers" that don't have the complications of solid chin implants. They're permanent and they work.

Hyaluronic acid may even be preferable to collagen, since collagen requires excessive touchups. They also aren't reabsorbed as quickly as your own fat, which can cost you $1000 and up for a series of injections. Injectables will inflate your bills much less than traditional chin implant surgery, especially since local anesthesia is less expensive than general anesthesia. No matter what the cost, injectables still beat the price of Senate hearings about steroids.

Are silicone chin implant costs worth it?

Silicone Chin Implant Costs

While your hubby may be willing to foot the bill for silicone breast implants (surprise), he's dubious about silicone chin implant prices. While you're flashing those before and after photos of your breast augmentation surgery, you might want to research silicone chin implant prices, which can run $2,400 to $5,500. Is it worth it? If you get hard silicone implants that last for many years and don't leak, the answer is yes.

Bear in mind that costs may vary, especially if you've opted to have rhinoplasty to blanace your face. But your hubby may be so busy staring at the new you (of course, he loves the old you too, right?) that he'll sign off on the bill for your silicone chin implant surgery. After all, he was attracted by your shape, but fell in love with you for your heart and mind.

How much does chin augmentation combined with rhinoplasty cost?

Chin Implants and Nose Job Costs

You're afraid that all this surgery is too much. Chin implants. Rhinoplasty to trim your nose. Making yourself look like Catwoman. Okay, if you do the last procedure, you need a psychologist. But chin implant surgery combined with rhinoplasty often works the best. Your surgeon will analyze your facial proportions based on the upper third, middle third and lower third. of your face. If the middle third of your face is dominated by a hooked nose and the lower third by a lace of chin and drooping nose tip, you are probably out of proportion and might need chin augmentation. How much does this cost?

With chin implants running between $4,000 and $5,000 and rhinoplasty costs between $3,000 and $8,000, you may want to work out a payment plan deal with your plastic surgeon, or see if the plastic surgery center offers a chin augmentation package. If you're not sure, have rhinoplasty done when you can absorb the cost, assuming your facial asymmetry isn't too pronounced. Otherwise, wait for the procedure till you can pay for it. But don't be afraid to negotiate the best deal. Remember, the cosmetic surgeons want your business! Unless, of course, you go out and start committing crimes in a catsuit and brandishing a bullwhip.

What's teh recovery like for chin augmentation?

Chin Implant Recovery

Your chin is bruised so badly the neighbors are talking. Point them to a medical dictionary. You've just had chin implant surgery. Swelling and bruising are normal after chin implant surgery, so you'll use cold compresses for a few days--swelling typically disappears within five. You may have a splint or brace to hold your chin in place, so sleep elevated and on your back.

After chin augmentation, you'll have difficulty eating and talking, so try not to yak on the phone to all your friends about your great chin implants and the great deal on the chin implant prices. You'll have pain medication while you're recovering and you can resume normal activities in two weeks, although you shouldn't go for your morning run--people might think you're escaping your hubby! Avoid those nosy neighbors, concerned friends and pesky police inuiqiries by giving everyone information about chin augmentation. After all, your husband's a great guy!

What types of chin implants can I get and are they safe?

Chin Implant Types

You hate leaks...gossip leaks, intel leaks, plot leaks, water leaks. You're afraid of silicone but you know the time has come to expand--not your chest, but your chin. You want chin implants. You were willing to spend a combined $23 million in 2004 with chin implant prices and surgeon's fees. Although chin augmentation has declined 41 percent in popularity from 2000 to 2004 (15,822 chin reduction and chin implant surgery procedures in 2004, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), you still want a better chin. but do you risk mad cow disease or silicone leakage? Your chin implants could consist of:

  • Bone grafts--they may be quickly reabsorbed and become infected, but they come from you
  • Skin grafts--it's better if they don't come from you, since there's a high risk of absorption. You may be better off with chin implants from a cadaver or a family member.
  • Infant and bovine collagen. This is primarily used in reconstructive surgery, so relax if you're afraid of baby surgeries, bovine hormones and mad cow. The baby cells usually come from the foreskin after circumcision, so you don't have to get into ethically tricky stem cell issues. Also, with bovine collagen, there's no evidence that mad cow disease can start in the skin.
  • Silicone--Has the potential to leak, and hard implants fill out the skin, not the bone structure. However, silicone chin implants rarely cause chemical reactions.
  • Hydroxyapatite Implants are made of porous coral that adheres strongly to the bone. Also available in an injectable filler.
  • Injectable fillers--range from hyaluronic acid to bovine collagen to silicone (which the FDA hasn't approved for cosmetic use).

With some injections, the chin augmentation effects may be permanent. You're not limited to fears of silicone leakage, but consult with your doctor. Photos of you as you age or photos of you before and after an accident or trauma as well as an analysis of your physique will give your doctor clues as to which chin implant surgery is right for you. Now you can forget to be angry that your doctor leaked the plot of the season opener of "Desperate Housewives."

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