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Is all celebrity plastic surgery just airbrushing?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Real or Fake?

Before you run to a plastic surgery center after reading the latest issue of GQ, Men's Health, Cosmo or Vogue, realize some basic truths about celebrity plastic surgery:

  1. Celebrities have millions of dollars and thousands of perks when they opt for cosmetic surgery--they can recover thanks to five-star spa care.
  2. Celebrity plastic surgery can go horribly wrong, and not just for Michael Jackson. Every other week, there are stories in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, PEOPLE and on E! about celebrity plastic surgery disasters.
  3. Sometimes those looks are courtesy of photo retouching or photo manipulation. Very often the body on the cover of VANITY FAIR doesn't match the celebrity face.
  4. Celebrities don't look like stars all the time--again, witness the ENQUIRER with its pictures of celebrities sans makeup.

Hollywood sells the dream, and if you have a dream of owning Angelina Jolie's lips or Schwarzenegger's bod, remember that even the former Mr. Universe has reportedly been pumped up with cosmetic plastic surgery--but he also put himself through a fitness regime. When you opt for a celebrtiy plastic surgery procedure or choose a "surgeon to the stars," make sure you're in shape like Angelina, sans personal trainer and Beverly Hills gym, and that your face is a good "fit" for that massive kisser.

Before you start doing liposuction, hit the gym and change your personal routine so the change will last longer than most modern Hollywood marriages or careers. After all, as another celebrity quips, "Beauty fades, dumb is forever."

What are the most requested celebrity looks and will they work for me?

Those Eyes, Those Lips

It's not enough to dress like celebrities. In our media-saturated culture, we want to steal their body parts. An ABC News report revealed the most coveted celebrity assets:

  • Nicole Kidman's nose (that she twitched in "Bewitched")
  • Cate Blanchett's jaw
  • Heather Graham's eyes
  • Halle Berry's cheeks
  • Denise Richards' lips (sorry Charlie, er, Angelina)
  • Britney Spears' body
  • Edward Burns' nose
  • Johnny Depp's jawline
  • Will Smith's body

While a celebrity surgeon says having cosmetic surgery to achieve Nicole Kidman's nose is realistic, the report also cautions that the celebrities themselves weren't born with those body parts. In other words, you may not know what they started with. You can check the before and after celebrity plastic surgery photos on the Internet, since celebrities don't talk about their cosmetic plastic surgery: "No really, I owe this all to Kabbalah." (Sorry, Madonna, we don't think so.) You don't want Nicole Kidman's nose to be so glaringly obvious on your face that you start twitching it uncomfortably.

Equally important, you don't want people saying, "Did your plastic surgeon give you Nicole Kidman's nose?" Although people may have those did-you-or-didn't-you suspicions, you don't want plastic surgery to be too obvious. Let them think that it really is the yoga or Kabbalah as well as the Desperate Housewives makeup.

How can I find out if a palstic surgeon has done celebrity work?

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons

"No, really," says the famous cosmetic plastic surgery expert on the talk-show circuit, "I enjoy working on ordinary people." You know you're in for twenty minutes of name-dropping. Many doctors who perform celebrity plastic surgery have photo testimonials from their famous clients in their clinic (though you should "Beat It" if one is from Michael Jackson). Testmonials are the only way you can see results for yourself--just be sure that the celebrities are ones whose looks you admire.

If you want to find out if the surgeon you're considering has performed plastic surgery on your favorite luminary, be warned: There is such a thing as patient confidentiality still. Many facial plastic surgery experts distance themselves from celebrity, to avoid compromising patient care. You may be stonewalled if you pry. Also, plastic surgeons may be concerned that you're starstruck and not objective. You can try showing the surgeon a photo of the particular celebrity.

If the surgeon recommends against changing your chin to look like Candice Bergen's, don't just dismiss the advice--even if the surgeon just happens to have a photo testimonial from Candice Bergen. But if you see your surgeon on the celebrity talk-show circuit, think twice about your choice. If the surgeon cares about you, your concerns and your health, that's real star power.

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