Thigh Lift Through Leg Lifts

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Can I get rid of thigh problems through diet and exercise?

Thigh Lift Through Leg Lifts

You've heard it before. "If you wanted thinner thighs, you'd exercise more." "Jennifer eats just soy protein and she has gorgeous sexy thighs. Why don't you do what she does?" Actually, Jennifer may be in trouble if she eats only soy protein. In addition, inner deep fat deposits in the stomach, thighs and buttocks may be stubborn. When you've done leg lifts every day for the last several weeks and can't lose weight or tighten the skin, consider thigh lift surgery. Most people forget that a thigh lift helps tauten loose skin, which even thin people can have. In fact, if Jennifer doesn't have a more well-rounded diet, her thighs could start to sag, especially if she eats soy protein loaded with sugar and preservatives.

If you're severely overweight, you're probably not a good candidate for outer and inner thigh lift surgery either because the fat tends to be congealed. Liposuction, gastric bypass surgery or a severe diet and exercise program are your first alternatives. If the fat just hangs around the thighs and exercise won't make your legs lean and sexy, choose liposuction rather tham thigh lift surgery. Also, if you or Jennifer have varicose veins or diabetes (and Jennifer could!), diet and exercise may be a better alternative. When you're considering thigh lift surgery, know your own body, and don't listen to well-intentioned advice...even if it's from your surgeon. Listen to your inner voice when getting an inner thigh lift.



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