Thigh Lift Creams

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Can creams help me recover after a thigh lift?

Thigh Lift Creams

"Guaranteed to lift your thighs without surgery." If you've seen thigh lift and cellulite creams on television, you're skeptical. They may or may not work. However, after that medial thigh lift, you're in need of healing. Though pain and scars are usually minimal, you can reportedly help yourself heal through natural means. Some homeopaths' and doctors' hints to heal you faster and minimize bruising:

  • Take arnica montana, a supplement that reduces bruising and swelling--don't eat or drink just before or after ingesting the pill. You can also apply arnica in a topical cream.
  • Bromelain (extracted from the pineapple stem) with quercetin (found in onions and apples) also reduces swelling. Take two capsules three times a day a three days before outer and inner thigh lift surgery and continue until a week to ten days after thigh lift surgery. If you have an upset stomach, delay taking Bromelain, but don't take it with meals.
  • For best results, physicians usually recommend an arnica and bromelain regime following your medial thigh lift.
  • Several natural supplements such as ephedra and bilberry can inhibit your healing, especially when you're taking arnica and bromelain, so surgeons recommend discontinuing them before thigh lift surgery and during your recovery.
  • Compression garments can look like workout gear, and all physicians recommend you wear them following your thigh lift.
  • Use ice--it's the most basic anti-pain anti-swelling remedy. So be skeptical of As Seen On TV claims, but follow the advice of your doctor.



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