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Are buttock implants for me?

Buttock Implants

Instead of sitting and wishing for better, healthier buttocks, get your rear end in motion to learn about buttock augmentation and butt lift surgery. Afraid of fat redistribution? Is that why you've been sitting on your dream? Relax, stand up, and head to your surgeon's office to ask about butt lift implants. Gluteal augmentation happens the way breast augmentation does, but whereas the breasts don't need definition (ask the average guy), the buttocks do, thanks to gravity. Your surgeon will place buttock augmentation implants in your tailbone, with dissolvable stitches that will disappear while you're lying comfortably post-op at home. Some tips to make yours a happy ending:

  • Follow your surgeon's instructions post-op and keep the bandages on two to three days post-butt lift surgery.
  • Invest in several weight-distribution pillows and foam contour pillows for legs, head and back so you can lie comfortably.
  • Don't throw on those cycling shorts until a month after butt augmentation surgery!
  • Be careful--although buttock augmentation implants are solid silicone with no leaks, they may slip or become asymmetrical.

Have family members check the results, especially when you're wearing tight jeans! When someone tells you to get off your duff, you can say, "I did, that's why I'm lying down!"

What is micro fat grafting and is it for me?

Micro Fat Grafting

Are you dragging your feet, or another part of your anatomy, about butt augmentation with implants? You might want to try Micro Fat Grafting instead. Micro Fat Grafting, performed by surgeons such as Dr. George Lefkovitz, is the closest to liposuction among the butt augmentation procedures. A thin rod or tube sucks micro amounts of fat from abs, hips, lower back, thighs and flanks. The fat gets purified and inserted in small doses wherever you need it, to fill out those droopy butt cheeks. It's the equivalent of delicately applying makeup rather than slapping it on. It rounds the buttocks, sculpting them gently. Sound familiar? That's because you might know Micro Fat Grafting by another name--the Brazilian butt lift.

Micro Fat Grafting, according to many surgeons, has less risk than butt augmentation implants, although it may take anywhere from two to six hours. Whether you call it Micro Fat Grafting or Brazilian butt lift, butt lift surgery with your own fat works best if you actually have fat to spare--luckily, with most men and women, that's not a problem. You may be better off with implants if:

  • You work out to excess and have lost definition in your buttocks
  • You don't have excess fat to spare to begin with
  • You don't have excess skin or skin flaps from gastric bypass surgery

You'll want a Micro Fat Graft buttock augmentation procedure or Brazilian butt lift if:
  • You've had gastric bypass surgery
  • You have fatty deposits
  • You're allergic to silicone or afraid of implants shifting
  • You're finished having children or don't plan to lose massive amounts of weight again, although many surgeons say the fat won't be affected

So if you can see your rear end dragging, good news: you're a candidate for Micro Fat Grafting.

Is the Brazilian butt lift performed with any other surgeries?

Brazilian Butt Lift...And More

When is a Brazilian butt lift more than a butt lift? While you're pondering that conundrum, you're probably scheduling liposuction in conjunction with your Brazilian butt lift. Surgeons often combine butt augmentation with other procedures...such as gastric bypass surgery. Yes, you read that right. Insurance may cover butt augmentation if it's necessary to correct saggy skin after gastric bypass surgery. Patients also elect to have the Brazilian butt lift with:

  • Tummy tucks
  • Thigh lifts
  • Liposuction

Remember the risks inherent in any surgery. You may experience tightness (a welcome change) and discomfort, especially if you have multiple procedures. Recovery time will probably be longer than the normal two to three weeks you spend recuperating after buttock augmentation. However, you may decide the risk is worth having the smooth backside you see on the beaches in Rio. So a Brazilian butt lift is, indeed, more than just a butt lift. Eu estou sentado--that's Portuguese, spoken in Brazil, for "I am sitting down." You are sitting down because you can't believe how fantastic your body looks after the combined body lift. Vós sois belos--that's Portuguese for "You are beautiful"!

Is a Brazilian butt lift for me?

What Is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you think to lift your buttocks the Brazilian way, you do the samba in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro at Carnevale, think again. The Brazilian butt lift, patented by "Extreme Makeover" celebrity Dr. Anthony Griffin, is the newest technique in butt augmentation for those who wish their rear end didn't droop. Not everyone can be J.Lo.

However, the Brazilian butt lift gives you the flat smooth curves you see in women on Brazilian beaches, and thanks to J.Lo, it's gaining in popularity. Your surgeon will take fat from your abs and chest, then inject it in the buttocks to flatten the bottom. She'll tighten weak muscles and loose skin. Voila, instant buttock augmentation, without a trip to South America. Now you're disappointed--you were looking forward to the samba. You can still buy that ticket to Brazil and pretend you're Jenny from the Beach.


Buttock Augmentation: You're Not Alone

"I like big butts and I cannot lie." No, that wasn't J.Lo. It's the song of the people who opted for 4,000 buttock lifts in 2004. The number of buttock augmentation surgeries increased 158 percent between 2000 and 2004, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. So if you like a firmer, more rounded rear, you're not alone. If you ordered butt augmentation through implants, take heart.

The average 2004 physician fee for butt augmentation was $3,630, although the total cost can run between $2,000-$10,000. As one exercise queen quipped, "If you're going to have a big butt, have a great big butt." Flabby or fat buttocks don't cut it. Here's the "but" you knew was coming: If you're considering butt lift surgery, don't get caught up in the crowd. Some hints:

  • Incisions tend to be extensive--make sure they're placed as discreetly as possible.
  • You won't be able to sit for a while, especially if you're a hip-hop operator taking calls all day.
  • Keep fit and don't gain back weight after gastric bypass surgery if you want the results to last.
  • Bruising can occur, so don't wear thong bikinis even if it's July! After all, droopy, fat buttocks don't work, but "phat" buttocks do.

How do I choose a Brazilian butt lift surgeon?

Choosing a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon

"No really, I'm the only Brazilian butt lift surgeon in America," the surgeon says, sporting a tan from Brazil or Cancun and reeking faintly of Cuba Libre and coconut oil. Hasn't he heard of Google? An Internet search for "Brazilian butt lift," "butt lift surgery," or "butt augmentation" reveals surgeons in many states who perform this buttock augmentation. However, George Lefkovits is the only one to trademark the Brazilian butt fill procedure.

One of our search results led us to a surgeon who cautions the effects of the Brazilian butt lift surgery are temporary, that the fat tends to dissolve. At least he's being honest. Many surgeons say this is simply not true--if the fat is properly prepared in a centrifuge, the effects will last. Don't trust a surgeon who says she's the only one performing a particular procedure. Plastic surgery directories will usually reveal the truth. We prefer surgeons who specialize in butt lift surgery--not to mention ones that don't make misleading statements. Although it does help if the surgeon has actually spent time in Brazil.

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