Micro Fat Grafting

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What is micro fat grafting and is it for me?

Micro Fat Grafting

Are you dragging your feet, or another part of your anatomy, about butt augmentation with implants? You might want to try Micro Fat Grafting instead. Micro Fat Grafting, performed by surgeons such as Dr. George Lefkovitz, is the closest to liposuction among the butt augmentation procedures. A thin rod or tube sucks micro amounts of fat from abs, hips, lower back, thighs and flanks. The fat gets purified and inserted in small doses wherever you need it, to fill out those droopy butt cheeks. It's the equivalent of delicately applying makeup rather than slapping it on. It rounds the buttocks, sculpting them gently. Sound familiar? That's because you might know Micro Fat Grafting by another name--the Brazilian butt lift.

Micro Fat Grafting, according to many surgeons, has less risk than butt augmentation implants, although it may take anywhere from two to six hours. Whether you call it Micro Fat Grafting or Brazilian butt lift, butt lift surgery with your own fat works best if you actually have fat to spare--luckily, with most men and women, that's not a problem. You may be better off with implants if:

  • You work out to excess and have lost definition in your buttocks
  • You don't have excess fat to spare to begin with
  • You don't have excess skin or skin flaps from gastric bypass surgery

You'll want a Micro Fat Graft buttock augmentation procedure or Brazilian butt lift if:
  • You've had gastric bypass surgery
  • You have fatty deposits
  • You're allergic to silicone or afraid of implants shifting
  • You're finished having children or don't plan to lose massive amounts of weight again, although many surgeons say the fat won't be affected

So if you can see your rear end dragging, good news: you're a candidate for Micro Fat Grafting.



3/28/2007 8:32:55 PM
Tiera said:

Hi, my name is Tiera, i had two mid-line c-section which is very unatrractive. I look like i have a butt in the front. i had tried all types of abs exercise to flatten my tummy. That do not work. My tummy is almost the same size of my butt like a booty doo lol. I am very attractive young woman i just need some extra work on me. So i can be that sexy nude model that i always dream to be. So what are my option?

6/22/2007 11:11:10 AM
kairhon said:

Thanks for the tip it was helpful.


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