Brazilian Butt Lift...And More

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Is the Brazilian butt lift performed with any other surgeries?

Brazilian Butt Lift...And More

When is a Brazilian butt lift more than a butt lift? While you're pondering that conundrum, you're probably scheduling liposuction in conjunction with your Brazilian butt lift. Surgeons often combine butt augmentation with other procedures...such as gastric bypass surgery. Yes, you read that right. Insurance may cover butt augmentation if it's necessary to correct saggy skin after gastric bypass surgery. Patients also elect to have the Brazilian butt lift with:

  • Tummy tucks
  • Thigh lifts
  • Liposuction

Remember the risks inherent in any surgery. You may experience tightness (a welcome change) and discomfort, especially if you have multiple procedures. Recovery time will probably be longer than the normal two to three weeks you spend recuperating after buttock augmentation. However, you may decide the risk is worth having the smooth backside you see on the beaches in Rio. So a Brazilian butt lift is, indeed, more than just a butt lift. Eu estou sentado--that's Portuguese, spoken in Brazil, for "I am sitting down." You are sitting down because you can't believe how fantastic your body looks after the combined body lift. Vós sois belos--that's Portuguese for "You are beautiful"!



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