Buttock Implants

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Are buttock implants for me?

Buttock Implants

Instead of sitting and wishing for better, healthier buttocks, get your rear end in motion to learn about buttock augmentation and butt lift surgery. Afraid of fat redistribution? Is that why you've been sitting on your dream? Relax, stand up, and head to your surgeon's office to ask about butt lift implants. Gluteal augmentation happens the way breast augmentation does, but whereas the breasts don't need definition (ask the average guy), the buttocks do, thanks to gravity. Your surgeon will place buttock augmentation implants in your tailbone, with dissolvable stitches that will disappear while you're lying comfortably post-op at home. Some tips to make yours a happy ending:

  • Follow your surgeon's instructions post-op and keep the bandages on two to three days post-butt lift surgery.
  • Invest in several weight-distribution pillows and foam contour pillows for legs, head and back so you can lie comfortably.
  • Don't throw on those cycling shorts until a month after butt augmentation surgery!
  • Be careful--although buttock augmentation implants are solid silicone with no leaks, they may slip or become asymmetrical.

Have family members check the results, especially when you're wearing tight jeans! When someone tells you to get off your duff, you can say, "I did, that's why I'm lying down!"



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