Chin Implants and Reshaping

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Will chin implants improve the shape of my face?

Chin Implants and Reshaping

Many of us, Jay Leno aside, are happy with our chins. For those of us who feel we have no chins at all, especially if we've lost too many after a weight loss program, chin surgery or mentoplasty may help us. After all, the chin can be helpful when you're folding blankets or putting on party hats. A well-defined chin usually helps make a face attractive. Alternately, we might feel our chins are too large. Again, this excludes Jay Leno, who's made a career out of joking about his protruding jawbone. He reported in his autobiography LEADING WITH MY CHIN that he refused to have surgery to move his chin back. You may want to take a cue from Jay.

Before you investigate chin implant surgery and chin implant prices as well as chin augmentation and reduction, consider jaw or maxillofacial surgery. Your chin dissatsifaction may be the result of an occlusion. In maxillofacial surgery, a dentist will move your jaw back or forward to line up your teeth, often in conjunction with braces. Or you may have jaw surgery in conjunction with chin implants and cheek (malar) implants.

A neck lift to eliminate excess skin on the neck may also redefine your chin without chin augmentation. Chin implants can fill out your face in conjunction with other procedures, and typically your surgeon recommends rhinoplasty to get the correct facial proportions. Ask your surgeon which chin augmentation procedures are right for you. See, there is an upside to not being famous for your jaw: you can change it at any time!



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