Chin Implants and Nose Job Costs

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How much does chin augmentation combined with rhinoplasty cost?

Chin Implants and Nose Job Costs

You're afraid that all this surgery is too much. Chin implants. Rhinoplasty to trim your nose. Making yourself look like Catwoman. Okay, if you do the last procedure, you need a psychologist. But chin implant surgery combined with rhinoplasty often works the best. Your surgeon will analyze your facial proportions based on the upper third, middle third and lower third. of your face. If the middle third of your face is dominated by a hooked nose and the lower third by a lace of chin and drooping nose tip, you are probably out of proportion and might need chin augmentation. How much does this cost?

With chin implants running between $4,000 and $5,000 and rhinoplasty costs between $3,000 and $8,000, you may want to work out a payment plan deal with your plastic surgeon, or see if the plastic surgery center offers a chin augmentation package. If you're not sure, have rhinoplasty done when you can absorb the cost, assuming your facial asymmetry isn't too pronounced. Otherwise, wait for the procedure till you can pay for it. But don't be afraid to negotiate the best deal. Remember, the cosmetic surgeons want your business! Unless, of course, you go out and start committing crimes in a catsuit and brandishing a bullwhip.



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