Adjusting to Your Nose Job

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What can I expect after my nose job?

Adjusting to Your Nose Job

Don't underestimate the seriousness of getting a nose job. Not only is it a complicated surgery -- botched jobs can cause breathing problems -- but there is a serious emotional factor involved when you change the appearance of your face.

Younger people have an easier time adjusting to their new look. Typically, patients over 40 take longer. Why? People over 40 are used to their looks and often have a hard time adjusting to the alteration. One of the best ways to avoid post-op shock is to have several meetings with your surgeon ahead of time to design the nose you wish to have.

With today's technology, many surgeons are also trained graphic designers! Using software programs like Photoshop, s/he can create and display for you the nose shape and size that will best fit your face. These images can be seen from all angles.

Get printouts of these images . Post them on your fridge. Make sure you look at them every day in between visits. If you have any reservations at all about your nose design, mark it on the printout and return to the next appointment with your changes. You should only book your surgical appointment once you and your doctor have agreed on the best reconstruction for you.



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