Pectoral Implants: Male Breast Enhancement

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Do men get breast enhancements, too?

Pectoral Implants: Male Breast Enhancement

As of 2004, male breast enhancement was the fifth most popular cosmetic surgery in American males. Similar to female breast enhancement, men receive silicone implants - also known as pectoral implants - that improve the shape of their pectoral region. The essential difference is that the implants are not as large as the female versions, and the silicone is of a more solid consistency, emulating muscle tone -- the opposite of what women want their implants to feel like!

Breast augmentation for men is an outpatient procedure that can cost between $5,000 and $7,000. Recovery time is relatively short. Most men can return to working out or other similar activities in around six weeks. Men considering the surgery should note that a compression device -- like a bra -- must be worn during recovery.



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