Breast Reduction or Breast Implants?

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Can my breasts be too large?

Breast Reduction or Breast Implants?

Jay Leno once quipped, "In the last couple of weeks I have seen the ads for the Wonder Bra. Is that really a problem in this country? Men not paying enough attention to women's breasts?" Believe it or not, guys can pay attention to women's breasts for medical reasons. Yes, it's true. If after having a baby or after menopause, your breasts sag, your husband may hesitate to tell you they're too large even though you think you need breast implants. Your husband should listen to his instincts--or drive you to the breast surgeon, who will tell you your breasts may be too low or large for implants.

If they cause back pain, you can get breast reduction or a breast lift. If you have a healthy attitude and your hubby doesn't mind less-than-perfect breasts (he loves you anyway, right?), you're a good candidate for a breast lift surgery. You can even have breast implants for breast augmentation afterwards.

If your breasts aren't overly large after all (see, your hubby was wrong) but droop and sag, mastopexy or breast lift surgery usually removes excess skin around the nipple. Your breast surgeon will reposition the nipple so it lines up with the crease. Often, your surgeon combines the lift with breast implants. Breast implants may be an option to fill out your breasts post-breast lift. Just make sure you don't have excess or sagging skin, or a narrow tubular base--a breast lift will typically take care of tubular adbormalities.

In either case, breast lift or breast reduction, you'll wear a special bra. Breast reduction and breast lift surgery carry several permanent scars that will fade over time, especially with use of scar reduction creams. On the plus side, you'll feel better, your clothes will fit you better, and your hubby will pay as much attention to you as before--without the added worry of having to tell you that your breast sag and are too big. Men don't have trouble paying attention to women's breasts, or anticipating when breasts might get them in big trouble.



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