Breast Implants and Capsular Contracture

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What is capsular contracture and how do I prevent it?

Breast Implants and Capsular Contracture

It hurts to wear a bra and despite the admiring looks you're getting, you just want to hide in a closet. Aren't breast enhancement and breast enlargement supposed to make you more confident? Your breasts may have become hard because of capsular contraction around breast implants after breast surgery. Scar tissue tightens around your new breast implants. How can your breast surgeon prevent capsular contraction?

  • Some Breast augmentation experts think that placing breast implants closer to the breast wall will eliminate capsular contraction.
  • Rounded breast implants under the tissue, sub-mammary, reduces the risk of capsular contracture by over half.
  • Massage after breast surgery can help if you have soft silicone or saline implants.
  • If you take Vitamin E, except two weeks before surgery, you may avoid capsular contracture.
  • Textured implants over the muscle resist capsule contracture after breast augmentation.

Surgeons can treat the problem, should it occur, with antibiotics and/or a capsulectomy to remove the scar tissue. Your breast surgeon may not charge you for this corrective surgery. You don't want to hide away--you want to show off your new look. Some pre-planning can help you face the world happily.



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I found this other article at the cosmetic surgery directory that deals with capsular contracture. It is very comprehensive.


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