Microdermabrasion Success Tips

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What are some surgeons' tips about dermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion Success Tips

You keep an umbrella in your car and back up your computer data. You're always prepared. So when you decide to have microdermabrasion, you want to know what you need to do to guarantee a successful microdermabrasion treatment. Some hints from physicians:

  • Dr. Martin A. O'Toole of Los Angeles cautions that depending on your treatment, you shouldn't wear makeup for seven to ten days or longer. Also, you shouldn't sunbathe or go ice fishing for several months after your microdermabrasion procedure.
  • Dr. David Broadway of Denver-Boulder, Colorado, uses Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, a "gentler" microdermabrasion treatment, in conjunction with a natural facial with elements such as green tea that promote skin wellness. He promotes facial and body massage therapy after treatments to relax you and spped your recovery.
  • Dr. Scott Greenberg of Orlando/Winter Park, Florida, recommends microdermabrasion treatments one to two weeks apart for best microdermabrasion results in conjunction with his skin care system.

Different surgeons have different methods. You should always shop and compare the cost of microdermabrasion and the method of microdermabrasion, including whether you should combine microdermabrasion treatment with a glycolic peel or facelift. But you've researched all the methods in between backing up your data and putting snow tires on your car, so you're ready to refresh your skin!



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