I Want a Famous Face

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Should I apply to be on MTV's "I Want a Famous Face"?

I Want a Famous Face

"I Want a Famous Face." People have thirsted after Marilyn Monroe's breathless bombshell beauty and Paul Newman's handsome face, often ignoring Marilyn's inner vulnerability and Paul's work with kids. Now MTV's show "I Want a Famous Face" purports to give you Kate Winslet's body, J.Lo's looks and Brad Pitt's glamour. We looked at the MTV Famous Face Web site, and MTV isn't currently casting for "Famous Face," although it does have several "Extreme Makeover" show copies, including one tailored just for hip-hop makeovers. It may be a good thing that you have to wait to apply for a celebrity extreme makeover.

According to MTV's footage, two young men who wanted to look like Brad Pitt and have an acting career now possess Brad-like hair, plus skin with reduced blemishes...but they don't look exactly like Brad Pitt. Yes, that's a good thing. You want to look like you...and take care of your skin. There's no word from MTV about when they'll be casting for "I Want a Famous Face," but remember when you try to look like Kate Winslet (who reportedly was distressed to hear that a woman got an extreme makeover to resemble her) or Marilyn Monroe that it's the personality that made Marilyn truly beautiful. Even Norma Jean didn't look like Marilyn, and we love Paul because of acting ability and kindness as well as stunning eyes. Also, the great Marlene Dietrich said, "The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than a woman with beautiful legs." Or a famous face.



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