Extreme Makeover Recovery

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How long does extreme makeover recovery take?

Extreme Makeover Recovery

You've decided you want an extreme makeover. You think, getting all that plastic surgery will be easy and you'll return to normal activities tomorrow. Wrong. You're too influenced by television--after all, you bought Joan Rivers' jewelry on QVC. Most surgeries, such as tummy tucks and lipsuction, require a recovery period longer than the one shown on the cancelled "Extreme Makeover" TV show. It take a week after a facelift to remove bandages.

The exact recovery time after multiple procedures in an extreme makeover depends on the patient, but it isn't instantaneous, despite what you've seen on the "Extreme Makeover" show. The rule of thumb is that the more anesthesia you have, the longer your recovery time. You can have multiple procedures at once, but if you have any doubt, prioritize, or consider putting off some procedures. Take a cue from the "Extreme Makeover" TV show and visit a dentist to have veneers--they can do wonders for your smile. After all, you want to go out and show off your Joan Rivers jewelry at that cocktail party as soon as you can!



6/9/2011 1:44:05 AM
Treena said:

I have just had cosmetic surgery on my face and it has been nearly 6 weeks since the procedures (6 procedures in total). I feel lousy and depressed. The literature I received for each of my 6 procedures was very good and it does depend on the patient. I WAS a smoker and this is to be facted into the recovery aswell. I appear nearly normal but what any piece of literature will not be able to tell you is how you FEEL inside, this is individual. I thought I would be back on track in 6 - 8 weeks, I am dreaming!!! It is going to take me at least 3 months to get back on track (on the inside). The final result takes 18 months, that is, it takes that long for the numbness to fully go away. This is something that, to everyone who looks at me, is very unaware of. It is frustrating to feel numb still knowing this will be a very long and slow process to full recovery. I expected too much. It is not just the physical dilemna you need to ba able to fully comprehend and digest but also the emotional and inner feelings that only the person having such procedures can overcome and endure and understand. I will say, I did not have to be "bandaged" up straight after the operation. I just hope that I will love the results when all is final as I have invested over $38,000 for my vanity.


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