Cancelled Extreme Makeover

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Was ABC's "Extreme Makeover" cancelled and should I try another show?

Cancelled Extreme Makeover

Unless you've been living TV-free, and even if you have pop culture is all-pervasive, you know about the cancelled "Extreme Makeover" TV show on ABC-TV. While ABC's Web site still advertises for various candidates, the show is not in production and isn't on ABC's fall schedule. You might have been lured into a "Maybe I could do that" state of mind, but ABC's cancellation has caused you to rethink your plans.

Still, you think, there are local makeover shows that have sprouted up. There are makeover segments on "The View," "Oprah," and other talk shows. There's even the celebrity makeover show "I Want a Fanous Face" on MTV. Should you choose to have a partial makeover or extreme makeover? While the answer isn't firmly "no" (people have appeared on "Oprah" and been happy, as opposed to several "Extreme Makeover" show scandals), you need to think twice about transforming yourself on-camera.

Unlike "Extreme Makeover," women's talk shows won't show you going under the knife or give you a false impression of plastic surgery, but to put yourself in the spotlight on national TV takes careful thought. Some of our hints:

  • Don't do it to become famous. The careers of reality TV stars are often short. Guests on "Oprah" might be called back for a "Where are they now" show and be featured in video on, but that's about it.
  • Approach it the way you would a motivational seminar, a retreat, or a fitness regimen. Have a positive attitude going in.
  • Don't be upset if they can't use your segment or if it doesn't work for them--this is television. It's selection, not rejection. Besides, do you want less-than-flattering footage of yourself posted on the Internet?
  • Your dissatisfaction with your appearance may point to deeper life problems that may be solved by talking with a friend, spiritual counselor, life coach or psychologist rather than sitting on a talk-show couch.
  • Talk to a plastic surgeon to see whether you really need extensive changes in your appearance. You may need a simple brow lift (or visit to a cosmetologist).

If you're still determined to send in that videotape, good luck--but sometimes it helps just to turn off the TV and ignore all those media messages.



8/24/2006 12:39:20 PM
Fran said:

What refreshing, common sense advice. I hope it will prevent many people from making a decision that they later regret.
Well done.


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