When Your Doctor Won't Be Your Banker

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Why won't my doctor accept financing fromcosmetic financing services?

When Your Doctor Won't Be Your Banker

Your doctor flat-out refuses to accept MediCredit or any of the other plastic surgery financing companies that can help you not be falt in the chest, and be flatter in the rear. Why? The answer may lie in the ongoing insurance and health care bureaucracy. Some doctors refuse to accept insurance simply because insurance companies dictate how many patients they can see, what precedures they can perform, and so on. Similarly, plastic surgery financing agencies can dictate what procedures they will or won't pay for.

In addition, financing for cosmetic surgery costs the physician as well as the patient. It's called the "doctor's discount," according to Financing Plastic Surgery's FAQ: http://www.financing-plastic-surgery.com/financing-faq.cfm, and it can cost independent physicians who may be choosy about how many patients they see. Not all plastic surgeons live in Malibu mansions. Your physician may offer her own cosmetic surgery financing options, or recommend that you consult your bank. After all, you don't want to be restricted by cosmetic surgery financing loan terms. Your physician doesn't either. So don't let that flat-out "no" flatten your spirits. Plastic surgery takes confidence--trust your doctor and trust yourself.



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