Lift Your Brows

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Do I need an endoscopic brow lift?

Lift Your Brows

If the bruiser bouncer at the hot club in town cringes when he sees you, you are either a celebrity or a perpetually angry-looking person. Lines on your forehead and narrowed eyes can give you a homicidal look. Really, you're all sunshine. But you do get angry at the thought of having traditional plastic surgery or Botox. You like being expressive.

An endoscopic brow lift and endoscopic forehead lift can help you recover your cheery disposition. Best of all, you don't have to grin and bear it ear to ear with a lateral incision. Your surgeon typically makes three small incisions in your hairline and removes some of the muscles that produce frown lines to life your forehead and brows. Note that the loss of some of these muscles may contribute to the lack of facial expression you hate about Botox. As an alternative, try "forehead lift" creams and "Frownies" patches between your brows.

Microdermabrasion may also stimulate collagen that fills out your face. As another alternative, your eyebrow architecture may be too severe. Before you try an endoscopic face lfit or endoscopic brow lift, the BeautyBoyz, a.k.a. David Starr and Ed Russell of Palm Springs, California, recommend you stop tweezing or drawing in your eyebrows.

Visit for more information about ideal eyebrow architecture. Now when you show up at your club with your entourage, the only reason the bouncer will bow is because of the huge tip ytou give him.



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