Risks and Benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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What are some of the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery?

Risks and Benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Your pre-baby face and body seems like a distant dream. Or you were born with a chin and cheeks only a mother could love...since you inherited them from her. You want to have cosmetic plastic surgery, body sculpting plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery...the whole works! But should you go crazy or just select a few procedures, e.g. tummy tuck, thigh lift, microdermabrasion, etc? Should you have plastic surgery at all? Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased confidence and sociability
  • Improved appearance if you've had an accident or trauma
  • Improved physical health as people become more active
  • That feeling of "I finally did something just for me" (it's about time, right?)
  • Looking better and feeling better Like any endeavor or major decision, plastic surgery involves risks.

The obvious glaring cosmetic surgery risk is that it won't work, that you'll be left with the same "you." (Maybe that's a sign!) Other risks include:
  • Physical complications
  • Problems stemming from disease, e.g. diabetes (think twice about getting cosmetic surgery if you have diabetes)
  • Evidence that you've had facial plastic surgery (it needs to be invisible to be effective)
  • Extreme changes in your appearance (too-large breasts or the famous "Catwoman" or "Barbie" cosmetic surgery)

Plastic surgeons and experts say that the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery outweigh the risks. And remember, some people actually brag about their plastic surgeries, such as Joan Rivers ("I voted for 'Nip/Tuck' before it was even a show!") Now that takes confidence--the kind of moxie plastic surgery can bring.



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