Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Real or Fake?

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Is all celebrity plastic surgery just airbrushing?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Real or Fake?

Before you run to a plastic surgery center after reading the latest issue of GQ, Men's Health, Cosmo or Vogue, realize some basic truths about celebrity plastic surgery:

  1. Celebrities have millions of dollars and thousands of perks when they opt for cosmetic surgery--they can recover thanks to five-star spa care.
  2. Celebrity plastic surgery can go horribly wrong, and not just for Michael Jackson. Every other week, there are stories in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, PEOPLE and on E! about celebrity plastic surgery disasters.
  3. Sometimes those looks are courtesy of photo retouching or photo manipulation. Very often the body on the cover of VANITY FAIR doesn't match the celebrity face.
  4. Celebrities don't look like stars all the time--again, witness the ENQUIRER with its pictures of celebrities sans makeup.

Hollywood sells the dream, and if you have a dream of owning Angelina Jolie's lips or Schwarzenegger's bod, remember that even the former Mr. Universe has reportedly been pumped up with cosmetic plastic surgery--but he also put himself through a fitness regime. When you opt for a celebrtiy plastic surgery procedure or choose a "surgeon to the stars," make sure you're in shape like Angelina, sans personal trainer and Beverly Hills gym, and that your face is a good "fit" for that massive kisser.

Before you start doing liposuction, hit the gym and change your personal routine so the change will last longer than most modern Hollywood marriages or careers. After all, as another celebrity quips, "Beauty fades, dumb is forever."



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