Lip Augmentation Options

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Should I get lip implants or injections?

Lip Augmentation Options

There are several options for those seeking the appearance of fuller lips. These options break down into two basic lip augmentation categories: injections and implants. Your surgeon can assist in deciding which path for you to take, and further, which type of injection (collagen, biocatalysts) or which type of implant (silicone, human tissue) will be right for you. You may be inclined to avoid implant surgery because it is more invasive, however if you opt for injections, you should take into account the number of injection treatments you will need in order to maintain your full-lip look.

While there are many options available for lip augmentation, here are two popular methods:
Injectable Fillers : Typically, these fillers are made of collagen or fat that has been moved from another part of your body, Restylane and
Perlane (hyaluronic acid), and Radiance (calcium hydroxylapatite). The fillers are then injected into your lips. The results are temporary, lasting a few weeks to many months. Local anesthesia is used, and this treatment can be performed in your doctor's office. Speak with your doctor concerning allergic reactions to these fillers as well as how to prevent infection at the injections site(s).

Injectable Micro-implants: Micro-implants, made from a number of substances, some of which have not been FDA-approved. Some
are FDA-approved products, but not specifically for cosmetic use. However, they are still legally able to be used in this manner. Sometimes, for example, your doctor will opt to use a small amount of silicone oil. Do as much research as you can alone and with your doctor to find out more about the substance s/he will be using. Regardless, this procedure usually results in permanent lip augmentation.



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