Brow Lift Basics

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How long does a brow lift last?

Brow Lift Basics

If you're considering having a brow lift, here's a basic run-down of what to expect before during and after your surgery:

Before: Your surgeon will draw lines on your face where the incisions will be made. Since there are several methods of brow lift surgery, your incisions will be placed in accordance with the best procedure for your facial type. Your face and much of the upper body will be prepped with a antimicrobial scrub to reduce risk of infection. At this point, you'll also have an IV hooked up and be connected to monitors which will allow doctors to keep track of your vital signs during surgery.

During: Generally, both a topical anesthetic and general anesthesia are used, however you should discuss with your doctor the best options for you. Some doctors like to have the patient awake (but out of pain), while others prefer you to sleep through the procedure. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts along the lines previously drawn, removes any excess skin as necessary, then after the incisions are closed, s/he will apply a dressing to protect the wounds, keep the tissue in tact, and reduce swelling.

After: When you wake up, you will be moved to a recovery room for monitoring. Over time, as you begin to "come to," you may experience some pain, nausea and/or shivering (this is caused by elevated adrenaline levels and is normal).

It is possible for you to leave the same day after surgery, but you will need someone to drive you home. Plan for this in advance.

You may hear from some sources that brow lifts last 20 years. (In other words, you won't need repeat surgery for that length of time.) Some simple math will show you that this is impossible to know for sure; brow lifts have only been performed since the mid 1990's. More brow lifts are being performed and monitored, which will better enable doctors to make a more accurate statement about the length of the surgery's efficacy. To date, it's fairly certain that your brow lift will last at least five years.



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