Upper Arm Liposuction: When to Do it & What to Expect

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What is involved in upper arm liposuction?

Upper Arm Liposuction: When to Do it & What to Expect

One of the hardest areas for women to keep firm as they age is their upper arms. No matter how many triceps exercises you do, after a while the elasticity of you upper arm skin will break down. additionally, if you have lost a lot of weight, loose skin is left behind on your arms. Toning it up can be nearly impossible.

In either case choosing a procedure such as brachioplasty (arm lift) or upper arm liposuction may be ideal for you. Arm lifts involve removing and tucking excess skin. Arm liposuction assists in removing excess fat with the insertion of a small tube, called a cannula, through a small incision in the skin. The tubes is moved back and forth, suctioning out excess fat and flushing it out through the the cannula.

You'll have to wear compression sleeves to reshape the arm as it heals, but the results are spectacular. Being comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts again is often incentive enough to undergo the surgery!



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