Laser Hair Removal: Short & Dark

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Laser Hair Removal: Short & Dark

For best results in laser hair removal, your hair should be short and dark colored. A few days before your procedure, shave the area you wish to have lasered. However, be sure you have a few days' growth in place. Shorter hairs are easier for the laser to "zap," but you want to be sure to have enough growth for the treatment to be effective.

Another very important tip concerns your skin tone -- because lasers target dark material (ideally the hair pigment), if you have gotten a tan recently, be sure to let it fade prior to your procedure date. Otherwise, the laser may target the dark skin pigment as well.

Laser hair surgery is ideal for large areas of hair removal, such as legs and backs. Typically, you can expect long-term results, but in some cases the hair will grow back, albeit lighter and softer. Laser hair removal is a safe procedure, if done correctly, but will require that both you and your doctor protect your eyes with goggles



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