Otoplasty or Cosmetic Ear Surgery

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Will my cosmetic ear surgery be covered by insurance?

Otoplasty or Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a popular style of cosmetic surgery that is designed to help those born with a number of ear formations, such as "lope" ears (ears that tip forward), "cupped" ears (abnormally small ears), and ears that stick out from the head. Some people even experience a combination of these formations. Although it's possible that hearing can be impaired by some of these ear formations, most of the time the correction is for cosmetic purposes. Keep this in mind if you decide to approach your health care provider for coverage. Chances are, your otoplasty surgery will not be covered unless you can prove that your hearing is in jeopardy without it. See your ear, nose, and throat doctor or an otologist (ear specialist) before hand to discuss your options.



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