Medical Tourism: Is it for You?

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What is medical tourism?

Medical Tourism: Is it for You?

The concept of medical tourism is relatively new but growing fast, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Since many of these procedures are not covered under health insurance in the United States, people travel to such locations as India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East to receive treatment.

The benefits of medical tourism are obvious: Procedures are less expensive, waiting time is minimal, and some people can even book a spa-like vacation around their procedure date, effectively turning the trip into an actual holiday. However, there are still considerable risks. Finding qualified surgeons and receiving proper aftercare can be more difficult. If you are considering going abroad for your cosmetic surgery, take some time to search for surgeons in the United States first. You may be able to balance the cost of travel and surgery abroad versus the cost of surgery in the States, but know that you will receive proper treatment post-surgery on the off chance something goes wrong.



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