Canthopexy: The Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

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What can I do about my puffy undereyes?

Canthopexy: The Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

For lower eyelid sagging, canthopexy is a helpful procedure that is less invasive than its counterpart, canthoplasty. Canthopexy uses sutures to tighten the tendon in the eye socket, whereas canthoplasty actually involves detaching and removing a piece of the tendon, and possibly removing excess skin as well.

While most people can benefit from either procedure, there are those who are not good candidates for the surgery. If you have a thyroid problem that leaves your eyelids swollen, or if you suffer from edema (retention of fluid) in that area, this surgery is not for you. Also, those who have dark circles under their eyes should not be under the impression that this surgery will correct that. (There are, however, dermatological procedures that can assist in this area.)



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