Breast Revision: One More Time

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Should I have surgery again to re-enlarge my breasts?

Breast Revision: One More Time

Another breast surgery? You're the type who risks going over 21 in Vegas. Now you want breast augmentation revision. It's not because your breast surgeon made a mistake. You just want bigger breasts. Some reasons for wanting breast revision surgery:

  • You've gained needed weight so that you're not as top-heavy, or your proportions are right for bigger breasts
  • You've had your last pregnancy and your breasts need a boost again
  • Breast implants haven't filled out your breasts correctly or the way you desire
  • Your height has changed (some women grow shorter as they age)
  • You just want more breast enlargement!

You've decided on the procedure. The $5,000-$7,000 question (that's the approximate fee for breast enhancement revision surgery): Should you go back to the breast surgeon who did your initial breast augmentation surgery? If you can go back to your breast surgeon, then do. She'll be aware of your needs, your body type, and your history.

If you've moved or it would be impractical to consult your original breast surgeon, make sure you keep records of your procedure to share with another breast surgeon. This is good advice no matter what doctor you choose. After all, your doctor was extremely competent, but you know what you want, and updating your look is important. However, as with gambling, you should know the risks of breast augmentation, and know when to hold 'em.



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