New Silicone Developments

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Are silicone breast implants dangerous?

New Silicone Developments

Lawsuits over silicone and saline breast implants leaking. Do you choose something that your body might reject? There are natural breast implant solutions such as breast implants made of potato--"Wait until President Clinton finds out there's French fries in there," Jay Leno once joked. But are silicone-based breast implants dangerous to your breast enhancement dreams?

Advances in breast augmentation and breast surgery have made breast implants safer. Several surgeons such as Dr. David Broadway of Denver-Boulder, Colorado, have participated in breast enhancement implant trials such as the ones offered by Silimed. Silicone gel implants by Silimed don't have as many wrinkles and are lightweight. They may not be textured, which means you have a risk of capsular contraction if they're placed above the breast muscle. If they're placed below the breast muscle, you're safer. Silicone breast implants can leak and break several years after surgery. You may have to have a replacement implant, and it's difficult to remove all the silicone from breast tissues.

Try to cleanse your body of toxins with various natural cleansing methods--wheatgrass can flush out your system. Make sure your implants are manufactured well so you can avoid leaks. You've decided to go with silicone breast implants, so talk to your breast surgeon about which ones are best for you. While the FDA may be cautious about silicone breast implants, your breast surgeon can steer you to the safe ones. But if Bill Clinton offers to give you advice, don't take it.



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