Why Larger Breasts?

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Am I caving to male expectations if I get larger breasts?

Why Larger Breasts?

Do you want to give in to society's over-emphasis on looks and sexist attitudes towards women? These days, women choose to have breast enlargement surgery for themselves, to look more feminine and full. Most women are born with one breast larger than the other. You might feel lopsided, so you might choose to have one breast enlarged. Breast implants and contouring can enhance your shape and give you a feminine, fuller figure. Often you'll lose definition in your breast because of age, or you may not have had it to begin with.

While the image is of young, nubile women getting implants, older women choose breast augmentation as well. It's important to note that while fuller, shapelier breasts can increase your confidence, don't expect a complete life transformation. You might attract attention because of larger, firmer breasts, but if you aren't outgoing, your life won't have the miraculous turn you believe. Then, you'll really be trapped in superficial ideals, beauty myths, and so on. Be confident. Be outgoing. Wear your clothes well and get a makeup upgrade. That way, breast surgery will work well for you, a woman in control.



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