Drugs and Gynecomastia: Just Say No

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Can drug abuse cause gynecomastia?

Drugs and Gynecomastia: Just Say No

I can't afford gynecomastia surgery, you think as you take a bong hit or inject yourself with anabolic steroids. The cost of gynecomastia surgery is prohibitive. Besides, if I take more drugs, I won't be embarrassed about my gynecomastia. After all, I'm not embarrassed about my drug habit.

Here's a reason to get into rehab: Alcoholics, marijuana and heroin users, and steroid junkies cause their own female-like breasts. Hormone and chemical changes contribute to gynecomastia. Scared straight yet? Good. Get into a rehab program and don't quit. Go as many times as you have to, because until you do, you can't cure your gynecomastia.

Stop using steroids--enhance your muscles through a sensible weight training program. Getting clean will also cause your breasts to reduce, but if you're still burderned with gynecomastia, take the money you would have blown on drugs and apply it to the cost of gynecomastia surgery. Note that medications with high levels of estrogen (duh) can produce gynecomastia. Just say "no thanks" to your doctor and find a pharmaceutical substitute--legal of course.

If you use medical marijuana, consult your doctor about gynecomastia treatment. You won't be able to have gynecomastia surgery unless you're drug-free, even if the marijuana is medically necessary. You can't afford gynecomastia treatment. You're ashamed of your breasts. But if you continue to abuse hard drugs or take steroids, gunecomastia will be the least of your worries.



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