Home Microdermabrasion Wands

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How do I use a home microdermabrasion wand?

Home Microdermabrasion Wands

You have the Epi Slim for hair removal, a home massager for your muscles, and an ionizing hair dryer. You know how to use them all. But you're nervous about using a home microdermabrasion wand. You've heard cream-based home microdermabrasion system kits don't work, so you went and bought a wrinkle-erasing microdermabrasion sun-damage eliminator. Is it a magic wand? Do you just wave it a la Harry Potter? Actually, no. Even adolescent Harry knows better than to use his wand to eliminate teenage acne. While magic does exist in the same crystals professional surgeons employ to sandblast your skin during microdermabrasion acne treatments, the professional application of the wand massages your skin to promote cell growth. The wand is typically battery-operated. It's important to methodically and rhythmically glide the wand over your skin. Don't be rough. Use the wand the way you would your massager, except with a less form hand.

Unlike traditional clinic microdermabrasion, home microdermabrasion takes several applications to see results, so don't abuse your skin, since you exfoliate (the lotion may be abrasive) rather than having a vacuum remove all the crystals and skin debris. If you have keratosis or have used Accutane, any home microdermabrasion system or outpatient microdermabrasion kits are not recommended--no magic wand can take away side effects. You should consult a dermatologist if you want to elminate wrinkles but have used Accutane or have a skin condition. Severe acne will take you out of the running. But it's safe for you to use the microdermadrasion kit, so pick up that wand, put down the Epi-Pen and start massaging away skin damage.



11/10/2007 7:26:56 AM
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