Cosmetic Surgery Loan Tips

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How can I improve my chances of getting cosmetic surgery financing?

Cosmetic Surgery Loan Tips

You refinanced your house. Or you got a home equity line of credit. You got financing advice to help you make that decision. But lenders clam up when you ask about financing for cosmetic surgery. Despite "Extreme Makeover," most people think of cosmetic surgery as frivolous--maybe even because of "Extreme Makeover." Lenders are reluctant to offer plastic surgery financing, possibly because they fear you'll leave them dry while your breasts are lifted high.

You can reassure a plastic surgery financing company or your bank by furnishing copies of your credit report--which you check regularly, right? Also, if your surgery costs $5,000 and you ask for just $1,000, you're more likely to be approved. Banks like to know that you're financially solvent and not dependent on them for financing. You can improve your chances of financing plastic surgery if you prove that you are:

  • A credit card carrier for at least two years
  • Free of liens, bankruptcies, judgments, and late payments
  • Gainfully employed, or if self-employed, with a stable business (be prepared to provide references)
  • A homeowner
  • A permanent US citizen, or a permanent citizen of the country where you live
  • Free of unsecured debt
  • A stable financially responsible person with an "A" credit score

When lenders compete, you win, so says When lenders talk to you about financing for cosmetic surgery, you win big-time.



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