Cosmetic Surgery Financing Scams

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What cosmetic surgery financing scams should I beware of?

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Scams

Bad credit? Want a boob job? We will erase your credit! And sell you a Nigerian fortune at the same time. Credit repair scams are like lunchtime plastic surgery--everywhere. Credit card scams make you want to stay away from the surgeon's office. When shopping for cosmetic surgery financing, you need to be savvy. A company offering financing for cosmetic surgery could be a scam if:

  • They automatically approve or pre-approve you without an actual human reviewing your record and application
  • They ask for your Social Security number upfront--never, ever give out your Social Security number online
  • They refuse to disclose the APR or annual percentage rate
  • They charge the surgeon fees and refuse to let you choose your plastic surgeon
  • They promise you can get financing for cosmetic surgery even if you have the worst credit history in the world

No one can erase your credit, or erase the problems of getting cosmetic surgery while creditors are calling your home day and night (although there are anti-harassment laws for debt collecting.) You can be smart when shopping for plastic surgery financing...and do a little plastic surgery on those spam e-mails in your inbox.



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