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Is there a credit line just for cosmetic surgery?


You have perfect credit that fake e-mails from eBay can't destroy--you're not even on eBay. You receive six credit card applications a day in the mail. Now you're considering having a full body lift and full body sculpting. How do you pay for it? You've already tapped all your credit for essential expenses. MediCredit may be one answer for you. Whether you want Lasik or liposuction, MediCredit provides plastic surgery financing. Most plastic surgeons refer you to MediCredit financing for cosmetic surgery. most procedures are covered, although we noted butt augmentation is not. Neither is female enhancement (what gives?) Here are some of the facts about MediCredit:

  • 9.9%- 23.9% interest rates depending on your credit health
  • No penalties for paying off the balance before the term of the loan
  • Plastic surgeon you choose must be enrolled with MediCredit, much like insurance
  • Average monthly payment: $58 a month per $1000 borrowed for a 2 year term, $46.5 a month per $1000 borrowed for a 3 year term.

MediCredit says they will accept patients for cosmetic surgery financing with poor credit history. However, it helps if your credit is healthy and if you're gainfully employed--which you are, right? As you with with any credit offer, investigate MediCredit before you choose a surgeon.

Although choosing a surgeon is often the first step in plastic surgery, securing plastic surgery financing will increase your choices. After all, you've always been financially responsible. Even though you've decided to splurge on yourself, you don't want to change your reliable ways.



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