Men and Botox

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Men and Botox

Presidential candidates. Gay men. Aging executives. Do other men get Botox injections? Apparently, yes. In 2003, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox was the most popular non-surgical procedure for guys, mainly middle-aged men and thirty-somethings trying to be competitive. Maybe the frequency of Botox treatments has to do with the male image: downtime isn't manly (ask anyone waiting for a guy to get up off the couch), and Botox injections don't require downtime.

Botox treatment isn't something men are hiding, though women still make up the majority of Botox treatment beneficiaries. Even blue-collar and straight guys have decided to look good and less grumpy for wives and co-workers. A caution: Men need higher doses and more frequent injections to relax those wrinkles. What can you do? It's testosterone and the male makeup. But on the plus side, men with prostate problems have been prescribed Botox injections to reduce enlarged prostates. If you're a man getting Botox, remember not to let them see you sweat, which Botox can help with as well--ask your doctor. You can join the Queer Eye guys, John Kerry, your boss and the plumber all lining up (pun intended) to change the way you look and feel. Hey, it's a guy thing.



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