Botox and Anesthesia

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Do I need anesthesia with Botox?

Botox and Anesthesia

Some critics charge that Botox makes Hollywood actors one-note, devoid of the free range of facial expression. It certainly isn't due to anesthesia, which Botox injections don't typically require. If you plan to star in that major role and can't afford bruising or pain (though you do suffer for your art), consider mild numbing techniques before you receive your Botox treatment. Ice packs, cold packs and anesthetic cream such as Emla can help if you're sensitive to pain. But don't be too New-Age-Guy sensitive if you're up for a Steven Seagal/Clint Eastwood role. Botox injections are just like pinpricks. Finally, if you want dramatic or comedic range, don't get a Botox injection right before filming. The down side: if you're still and unemotional, it's probably your acting.



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