Botox Plus Restylane

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Should I have Botox with Restylane fillers?

Botox Plus Restylane

Not convinced that Botox treatment can give you a softer, more rounded, not to mention more expressive face? What will you do with that new smile once you have it? Well, for one thing, you can stop scaring the guy behind the counter at Starbucks. You might want to consider Restylane in addition to Botox.

Restylane will supplement the muscle relaxation of Botox injections and help you smooth out lines and crows feet around the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Hyaluronic acid isn't a new designer drug--it's a natural chemical in our bodies that gets depleted, and through Restylane injections, gets replenished. Restylane can banish fine wrinkles immediately, so that you see a quick result while you're waiting up to a week for Botox injection facial refreshing.

When ordering a combined Botox treatment with Restylane, you might want to make sure your surgeon or RN specializes in non-surgical procedures, or presents them as an alternative to a face lift that you may not need. There are cosmetic centers that specialize only in non-surgical facial procedures. Bear in mind that Restylane lip fillers are often injected days after the Botox injection so that the facial muscles relax. So smile, baby, because you have a softer face, and all it took was your own natural chemicals plus a clinic trip or two on your lunch hour. Now go get that latte and smile at the counter guy.



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