Botox Outsourcing

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Is Botox cheaper internationally?

Botox Outsourcing

Our jobs are going to India, Mexico, Indonesia...and now our plastic surgery costs may be cut if we hop a charter flight, right? Not so fast. Although more than 1 million people worldwide got Botox in 2002, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, not all Botox injections are created equal. You can spend $300-$500 in Canadian dollars for Botox, and assuming the exchange rate is favorable, you'll probably get a good deal. Some pointers to remember when going abroad:

  • You should always check any surgeon's references. A quack is a quack no matter where they practice.
  • If your Botox doesn't last, don't blame it on the surgeon. Botox injection effects depend on the individual.
  • Don't automatically assume that a foreign country won't have the same health standards as in the United States, and vice versa if you're coming to the US for Botox treatment.
  • Don't assume that the clinic is safe either! Do your research!
  • Make sure you can contact the surgeon or get treatment from a comparable surgeon if problems should occur.
  • Don't assume that Botox is cheaper in another country. Exchange rates and different health systems may actually drive up the price. Outsourcing is a dirty word in many circles, but globalization actually gives the consumer more choice--use it wisely.



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