Reparative Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

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Will endoscopic plastic surgery repair injury or trauma?

Reparative Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

All you've done for twenty years is work to take care of family, customers, company, and community. Suddenly you have carpal tunnel or a burn. Or you have damaged skin from cancer surgeries. Your sinuses were damaged because of hazardous breathign conditions. What do you do? Consider endoscopic cosmetic surgery. We're not talking about an endoscopic brow lift to make you feel better. Some corrective applications of endoscopic cosmetic surgery:

  • Endoscopic cosmetic surgery can "balloon" your troubles by inserting balloons beneath healthy skin so that the skin can expand and cover areas of skin damage.
  • The endoscope can locate the pinch in the median nerve that runs through the wrist.
  • Cameras can help the surgeon remove tissue from healthy skin and transplant it to loose or damaged skin areas.
  • Endoscopic rhinoplasty gets an assist when cameras locate drainage areas and polyps that obstruct breathing.

Ask your doctor about endoscopy to help you recover. There are additional risks to endoscopic cosmetic surgery, but when you're feeling poorly, you'll take a chance to help you be well again. You deserve it.



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