Cost of Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

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How much will I pay for endoscopic plastic surgery?

Cost of Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

You've heard the saying, "I spend a fortune to look natural." In the case of plastic surgery, you may spend a fortune to, unwittingly, look like a CGI creation from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Endoscopic cosmetic surgery actually costs less than traditional plastic surgery. For example, an endoscopic face lift costs less since there is no hospital stay. The same goes for an endoscopic abdominoplasty and endoscopic brow lift.

Hospital fees are a major expense in plastic surgery, so endoscopic cosmetic surgery eliminates those. The surgeon fee for a facelift in 2004 was $4,822 according to, but that doesn't seem as daunting when you knock off hospital fees with an endoscopic face lift. Don't worry that you'll come out looking like an orc, or even worse, as if you've obviously had a facelift. Endoscopic facelifts trim the costs, not the quality of care. You'll spend a fortune and look natural.



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