Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Explained

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What is endoscopic plastic surgery and is it for me?

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Explained

Colostomy. Colonoscopy. Neither of those sound pleasant--and they're not. But now you hear your cosmetic surgeon talk about endoscopy. What is it? Actually, endoscopic cosmetic surgery is a less invasive technique that involves fewer incisions. You can get many of the same procedures as traditional cosmetic surgery:

  • Endoscopic face lift
  • Endoscopic abdominoplasty
  • Endoscopic brow lift
  • Endoscopic rhinoplasty

Endoscopic cosmetic surgery actually works on the same principle as a colonoscopy, with a small camera in your face or stomach. The difference is, you won't experience as much pain, and the incisions are one inch. The surgeon monitors the progress of the procedure via feed from the camera, so she can see those tucks in real-time. This minimizes the chance of error. So while you're not looking forward to your next colonoscopy, your endoscopic cosmetic surgery will please you and leave you feeling better when you're in post-op.



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